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Hi. Freelance graphic artist just moved from Oz

No, there are no shrimps on any bbq and no, Australians dont drink Fosters! :icon_tongue_smilie:

I have just moved over to Northern Ireland in the faint hope I can get a job in a fantastic studio.

I'd love to get to know all you super duper designers so feel free to say hi!

Stationery Direct

Staff member
G'day mate or is it top of the morning to you, sorry :icon_biggrin:

A warm welcome to the Graphic Design Forums.

Good to have you here.



Welcome :)

David Airey lives in Northern Ireland, do you follow his blog?

I have some relatives just south of the Northern Ireland border in Cavan, my husband is half-irish. Every year or so we go to Ireland for weddings/funerals.

Best Wishes