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Hi Forum..ers!

Hello all,

I`m Vinny (with a twin, as my user name suggests)

I am a Litho Printer with 17 years experience in the trade, operating a large variety of presses and also finishing machinery. Prior to this I obtained a Diploma in Printing.

Found this forum by mistake (but glad I did-some interesting posts!) and I realize that design is not my area of expertise, but hopefully with my wide range of knowledge in the printing industry I can contribute to any print related issues anyone has.

Also looking to benefit from the forum, as I am currently seeking employment in the North West area.

Right, gonna have a scout round the site now, see if I can figure it out!

Cheers for reading guys, and if I can help in any way just ask............
Thanks for the welcome guys,

In response to Corrosives question; I`ll mention this forum to my `Twin` as he may be able to contribute more than me. He`s in the print trade as well, working in pre-press as a Mac Operator/Artworker. He also does DTP and Web Design (....and countless other things that I wouldn`t have a clue about!....yet!)

It could feel a little strange though, interacting with my brother via a forum!

Anyway back to job hunt duties, bye for now.........
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