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Hi everyone

Just joined - I'm a self employed illustrator, mainly drawing in pencil, and creating wedding stationery, house portraits and some other fun bits and pieces! Just needing some advice re. printing. My business is growing but my inkjet printer isn't really coping with the demand anymore. So hopefully looking for some top tips regarding printers - either to use in-house or outsourcing. Cheers, Hayley


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Hi Hayley, welcome to the Forum.

If you're buying one yourself, I would recommend Epson stylus (I believe Canon and Brother are the other leaders). I have a Photo R2880, but you may not need to spend that much. As long as it uses more than the normal 4 or 5 inks
and takes card easily if you need it to do the wedding stuff. I only use a Printing firm if I need large numbers.
Thanks so much. Ian - do you know if you can feed through a number of cards / paper at a time or is it one sheet at a time? That's quite important for me, as some runs I do are 100+. Your work is fab! Just took a look at your site there. I have been to PC World three times over the past week, took back two Epsons, but they weren't Stylus. And now I have a HP one, but still not doing the job! My old one was a Lexmark, but you can't get them anymore.


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From what I've read, Epson are rated highest generally. I'm sure they do take multiple feeds, although I,ve never done it myself. I would be worried by the
amount of ink they use though, as something 100+ could get expensive. They really come in to their own for limited edition prints and one-off posters and the like. The other advantage is
you can tweak sizes and colours etc. I looked online a lot before I bought.

Your best bet may be digital prints from your local print shop, although square cards might cost more than standard.