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Hi Everyone

[video=youtube;ZDDwNcvYy4I]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&list=UUIUhAxa7EWCv fFtasleGXIg&v=ZDDwNcvYy4I[/video]

Hi everyone,

I own Spencer Print, A Print Management company offering much more than just print services. I also offer a unique service talking Talking Product Videos. This services takes still photographs of animals, cartoon caricatures, clip art, & products, & makes them talk on videos for web pages, DVD, email, & mobile phones

More information at this link

Independent Sales Executive for Getty Images

I am also an Independent Sales Executive for Getty Images, dealing with their brand of Royalty Free Imagery "Thinkstock"


Thinkstock can be more cost effective, because, unlike the credits method of purchasing, where you pay more credits for larger file sizes, all file sizes are included in all of the pricing plans. In addition, Thinkstock contains two thirds of iStockphoto content, plus 3 million images from Getty Images


Visit http://www.spencerprint.co.uk/Stock-Images.html. for further information​