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Hi Everyone!


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Hi everyone,

Hope you have all had a great weekend?

Mine name is Matt from Lincolnshire, I'm currently working as a marketing manager responsible for Christmas creative and point of sale :)

I'm hoping to develop my skills and learn the other side of the process and get some graphic design under my belt to give me some options later on in life.
I've been on a taster course using quark at my local college however as this is only a 6 week taster course, I'm trying to find options to undertake a full time course in the evenings. If this fails I will have to try home study self taught.
I have creative suite cs3 for now though and attempting to replicate point of sale etc to develop my understanding of the programmes etc.

Would be interested from anyone who can suggest good reference sites, must have books etc that would further help my understanding of type and layout etc.

Well it's great to be here and look forward to making some new friends.

Hi Matty, welcome to the forum. I'm self taught and a lot of my techniques came from online tutorials, one site in particular was www.pixel2life.com . You could also look at the classroom in a book series, a lot of people recommend this series and I think they use it for uni courses etc. Generally most people in the art and design industry learned most of their skills outside of education and on the job. All you can do is practice practice practice.


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Hi peeps thanks for the welcomes. Will check out everyones recommendations, looking forward to a change of direction and being a little more creative!

Typo - It's xmas everyday for me :( At the moment I'm in LED heaven and decorations ha ha. So check out your high streets come October!


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mattyd81 said:
Typo - It's xmas everyday for me :( At the moment I'm in LED heaven and decorations ha ha.
I remember the feeling well! Me and Typo both worked for the same Christmas company, tinsel and elves all year long! Still lots of Xmas stuff in my portfolio.

Welcome to the forum, and the yearlong Christmas, lol.


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Ha ha who was that for? Lets just say I work for the largest health and beauty retailer in the UK :) So keep your eyes peeled this xmas on the high street ;)
We worked at Center Design up at Newcastle. We were both illustrators. It was just me for a while then young Jim came in for a laugh and to make the tea.

I've done some work for Piggotts lighting who do Oxford street Christmas display...

....they still haven't payed me yet. Sheesh.
Thats bad of them :( Just ordered the production manual book, heard good things about it so be a good read. Guess it's all about practice and see where I get to...


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Typo, I had to make the tea/coffee cos you didn't stir when you made them!
It was a laugh though. How did you suffer having no-one to be nerdy with until I arrived??

I'll keep an eye out next xmas matty, whats the name of the "largest health and beauty retailer in the UK" again... Wellies isnt it? Or Shoes, or something. ;)


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very disappointing that theres no part time college courses in lincolnshire where i could learn better. How do people expect you to learn if you work full time and no courses available!

I guess it will be the book way for me too....


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Nice to see this thread after long time...

Have you thought about moving to London for studying Matty (while working)? You’ll get a load more of opportunities.


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been a while hey! been so busy :(

Have thought about London but need to find a job in my current field first. Studying is always hard this neck of the woods.

All is well though guess for now I have to get on with the books and do some sample briefs etc