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Hi everyone

Hi guys i thought i would say hi

I own a marketplace which i wont mention as i dont want to look like a spammer as that is not why i am joining here for.

I love designing websites and corporate brands.

My main business is my marketplace, where web designers/developers sell there creations on but my hobby is design.

So hi guys and gals, hope to speak to some of you soon


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Welcome to DF, DP, sorry all I can think to say is...

What's going on in the kitchen, but I don't know what's cooking.
They say I got to learn, but nobody's here to teach me.
If they can't understand, how can they reach me.
Coolio references aside. Where are you based? Do you work as a designer yourself?
Yes i have over 10 years experience in design and 6 years in development in php.

I am based in Derby, noticed your from Kent... I am down there alot as i have family in and around Kent.


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glenwheeler said:
welcome aboard the DF ship! Dont let Berry make you walk the plank!
He hasn't been on since taking offence when his article got classed as spam. Maybe he jumped ship...