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Hi everyone


Junior Member

I am Sue from Liverpool. I joined this forum today, so thought I would come and say hi and introduce myself.

I am just starting up as a freelance web designer and developer. At the moment, I work with mainly XHTML, CSS, JQuery, PhotoShop and Illustrator, though I am always keen to learn new skills.

My favorite decade for inspiration is the 1960s, I love all the fantastic ideas, music, fashions and creativity which came from that period.

In my free time, I love listening to music. I also enjoy films, reading, art and I am a huge telly addict!

I am looking forward to getting to know everyone and sharing ideas.


Suki Loves --- Home --- ♥ ---


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Hi Sue,

Welcome to Design Forums, like the illustration work on your site (feel free to add a link to your site in your forum signature btw) hope you find the forums useful :)

Welcome Sue. Great style you have their, very unique. You can definitely see that your style comes from your inspiration of the 60s, good to have you aboard.


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Thanks everyone for being so welcoming and friendly :)

Checking out the individual sites, you all do great stuff and there is such a nice vibe on here! - I think I am going to find this forum really useful.