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Hi Everyone


Junior Member
Hi Everyone,

my name is Steve and I run a small Hollistic Architectural Design based practice in Hoxton, London calle Altered Nation Design.

Our work varies from Large scale luxury residentail shcemes to Night clubs and large music events organising and guided Meditations

I currently have desk space to rent in my office, and I am looking for like minded and talented designers from all backgrunds to join us in forming a "Creative-Hub" of multi-disciplinary design unit, where ideas and work can be fruitively passed and develped within one space.

Our work varies across the whle design spectrum, and we are a very relaxed practice, though hard working - with emphasis on enjoying what we do !

If anyone is looking for such an environment in London, please get in touch, and I look forward to benefitting from chatting with everyone on the forums .




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Welcome to DF Steve!

The creative hub sounds great, and I can imagine a mix of disciplines working really well if you find the right people, with potential for work referrals and generally inspiring each other, feel free to create a seperate thread in the Business section as it may grab a bit more attention there :)

Hope you enjoy DF
Thanks, Greg