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Hi Everyone!

Hi everyone! As my name forum name suggests, my name is Peter Barlow.

I am a graphic designer and am currently based on South Africa. I am relocating to London with my fiancée at the end of this month and am looking to make some contacts and just generally get to know the UK design industry.

I specialise in print design and do most of my work from elance.com.

I hope to make some connections here! :)


South Africa! Awesome.

Welcome to the forum Peter and welcome to the UK (at the end of the month obviously)

Do you have a website?


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Hi Peter,

Welcome to Design Forums, that's quite a relocation... are you prepared for the cold weather the UK is experiencing at the moment :D

Do you have a portfolio/site online? Always interested to see new forum members' work :)

Hi everyone! thanks for the welcome!

I don't have a website but am looking to get one designed this year for me (my web skills are rusty at best!). Anyone who wants to assist me with that can pm me but it may be later on in the year as I need to rake together some cash first! ;)

The closest thing to an online portfolio I have is my profile on elance.com here

Click on the porftfolio link under my name to see some of my work. I need to update that portie, come to think of it!

To answer your question Greg, yes I am! I have been watching the weather in the UK closely and we are prepared physically...although not mentally though! ;)


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Sounds good Peter, and I'm sure if you post in the marketplace section nearer the time you won't have any troubles finding a talented web developer to help you on the way with that :)

Have you spent a lot of time in the UK previously?
Hi Mike,

Thanks very much! :)

I recommend elance to anyone looking to be part of the outsourcing revolution. There are a lot of jobs coming out of the states, most are fairly small and once-off but I have managed to get recurring work from three clients and am even being contracted to do spillover print work for a web design studio in Australia.

There are a few drawbacks though:
1.) I hang out in the Design and mulitmedia section (which is where print design jobs are posted) and many clients have tiny budgets and are looking to get projects done for next to nothing...fine if you are earning South African Rands or Indian Rupees but not so much if you are quoting prices converted stronger currencies.

Not sure what its like in the web design section....

2.) Elance charges you a fee for handling any monetry transaction you have with the client...most providers circumvent this with getting the client to pay for their services through pay-pal, seperately from elance. Elance does offer support in the form of dispute settlement as well as a handy escrow service which I use.

Elance was great for someone lile me: Still in school and looking to make some extra money doing what I love....

But now that I am out of school and looking to make a "real" living, it may become difficult for me to do business on elance as my prices have just about doubled...One of my regulars has already balked at my proposed price increases....

We shall see what happens though! :)
hm... i see what you mean by that.
i remember signing in to get-a-freelancer and after seeing what was the average bid for the project, i realised it was fine (yet tight) for rupees or argentine pesos, but ridiculous in british pounds.

thanks for the info mate, and see u around in london!
*Shameless self-punt alert!*

Hi all, am in London now! :)

If anyone is looking for a print designer who can work CS3!

My email is: peterbarlows(AT)gmail.com
and my UK mobile is: 07787996163

Currently looking for any work permanent or otherwise!

*end of shameless self-punt*