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Hi everyone...

I was invited here from yourdesignforums.com by Aarlev ...

I'm a Graphic Designer from a small town on the south coast of England looking to move to London as soon as possible. I currently specialise in print, but I can also create basic websites and I'm into digital photography.

I have a catalogue of work here: Nik's Solace : The Design Portfolio, but with any luck I'll find the time in the next few days to redesign my site for 2009 and streamline everything there.

I have a range of styles, and hey, if anyone can help me find work in the city, give me a shout :)

I'll look forward to posting a fair bit... cheers!



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Hey Nik,

Welcome to Design Forums, good to hear Aarlev invited you along.
What's your current position with design work then Nik? Do you freelance on a full-time basis?

Had a quick look on your site portfolio and there's some really cool work on there, it's a shame that the work images take a while to load (although that may just be my connection being slow?) look forward to hearing more from you and seeing your 2009 site in the near future :up:

Hi Greg, I currently work full time at a Design & Print company doing everything from initial concepts, full design process to artworking and setting projects up for press using our CTP software... I also freelance, mainly for Canadians and Americans with little or no money :p

But as I said, I'm looking to get a full time position in London, I would consider working up there as a freelancer but I would like to get consistant work (and money!)

Glad you're liking my work, it doesn't take too long for work to load my end on 2mb broadband... but that's an issue that'll be resolved (with any luck) when I upload my new site :)



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Sounds good Nik, I look forward to seeing your new site and best of luck with the job search, be that a permanent position or freelancing, speaking of which I meant to ask if you've applied for any positions at all?

i've been appling non-sto for a while now, I have a meeting on Friday with an acency in London and I'm stopping by to see a few more people such as Purple and Reed who said to drop by ... it seems I'm hindered with a lack of 'top 20 agency experience' ... but hopefully it'll all go well tomorrow... I'm redesigning my portfolio at the moment which will hopefully be ready next week which is why I've not had a chance to post at all on this forum ... I'll get there though!