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Hi everyone! I am trying to build my first website

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum:' started by Elena, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Elena

    Elena Junior Member

    I want to build a simple website to show my portfolio. I know about Dreamweaver but not enough, and I am not very good with code. So I was thinking to use a free builder website like moonfruit. Has anyone tried it? Does it work properly?I am not sure about the templates they have, as I said I like simplicity and their samples are not like that but it looks like I could modify them. I know about wix but I don't want to build a flash website. Does anyone know about other website builder I could use?

    Second option is to build a blog but I don't think wordpress would be easy. Any blog builder suggestions?

    Hope someone could help me :)

  2. wac

    wac Senior Member

    Welcome to the forum

    W3Schools have some excellent tutorials on coding. Both Tumblr and Blogger are highly customisable.
  3. Elena

    Elena Junior Member

    Thanks Wac,

    I have already started using moonfruit for a college project. I am not sure yet how it will work, have you heard about this site builder?
  4. Eyarei

    Eyarei Junior Member

    For an amazing site builder I would go to Webs - Make a free website, get free hosting It's really simple and you can make a really professional looking website really easily! I'm currently working on a couple of websites using and my dad has too in the past, I would definitely recommend that :)
  5. whitehawkdesign

    whitehawkdesign New Member

    I've been working at a design studio for the last 8 months and don't have any professional training ie university etc. What I've learnt is all mainly self taught and guidance from people around me

    Personally I would recommend sticking with dreamweaver for a bit longer because it has taught me basics in HTML coding and CSS. my website is let me know what you think. I had designed a few in dreamweaver before that and I believe it's given me a good understanding of the basics.

    A colleague of mine has introduced me to wordpress, to start of with it seemed a bit strange designing online all from the backend. Has anyone got any experience in this program and what are your thoughts?
  6. KeyProduction

    KeyProduction Junior Member

    I think wordpress would be good start it is really easy to use and and you can add gallery plugins to showcase your work. Plus with so many people using it the support for any issues you run into is great.

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