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Hi everybody


I've been reading DesignForums for a few months now, and decided to join up and add my voice to conversations.

I'm a graphic designer based in Cardiff, working mainly with small businesses and start-ups to get the right first impression. I also do quite a bit of design work for charities, both as a contractor and as a volunteer. Since in these times of cutbacks, charities have less money available to them in the form of government funding and donations, I see (and I think we all would see) good design as a catalyst for increased visibility and professionalism, which in turn increases donations, volunteer and service user numbers.

My real love is in the form of print design; I find it more tangible, as do my clients, as a method of communication.

You can see my most recent work at http://twistycreative.co.uk

Hope to speak to you all soon.


Heya, welcome to the forums!

I notice you've still only got one post :( Why don't you make some threads about the projects you've worked on or perhaps one you're currently working on at the moment? It'd be great to get a bit of insight into how you work.