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Hi Everybody

Hi there,
I did actually register a while back but hadn't got round to this...
I'm a freelance designer/developer in Leeds. My website isn't something I'm particularly prouud of...you know how it is, more time doing other people's than doing my own!
I will be posting some more useful stuff in the development forum in the near future, need to give something back and all that! So watch this space...(or rather, watch that space).
If you're new to web development, please feel free to ask me for help (even if I don't know the answer off the top of my head, I will happily research it for you if I think it's worth me knowing it too!) I still have a lot to learn myself!
My url:
Turtle Designs: Web Design Services in Leeds
Cheers and best wishes everyone.


Active Member
Hi Sorrel,

Welcome to Design Forums, good to see you've returned to join us :)
Looking forward to hearing more from you around the forums!