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Hi chaps

Well its about time i said hello to you all...
Im Fippsey other wise known as David, currently working in the lovely North East of England, there is actual sun here today.
Anyway im a 25 year old 'junior' designer who has been in the industry for a meagre 2 years i predominantly like to work with print.

Sean Lee-Amies

Hello David! Welcome to DF :) the way you talk about the sun makes it sound like the council regularly puts a fake sun up to make the citizens happy, haha.
Have you got a portfolio or anything, I'd love to see some of your work :)
wac said:
Afternoon chap, how's RTC treating you?
Sorry for the delayed reply been busy chaps. RTC are treating me well, i take it you have stalked me on google and found the company i work for that way? ha
I am in the process of moving jobs so the future looks good.
Hey chaps, bit of a hiatus from me with regards to posting over the last few months.
It seems after my last post on this page i got told i was been made redundant *cue the shock and horror* needless to say it sorted itself out for the better and im working at Eutechnyx as a graphic designer and also helping with UI for games over multiple platforms. Couldnt really ask for more as been here over 3 months and its a great place to work.
Anyway ill be posting more from now on, promise :ph34r:

Sean Lee-Amies

That can't have been good... but I'm glad you got it all sorted out!
Nice to see you back on the forums!