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Hi all...

Hello, just a few words to introduce myself.
I'm Ken Reynolds, a graphic designer and illustrator from Ipswich, Suffolk.

I've joined the forum to try and extend my network a little. I've participated in a few other forums before that have been extremely helpful in developing my work. I also like to think I've helped others too.

I work in a local print studio, as well as freelancing as much as possible.
I publish a design webcomic on my blog called 'My Life as a Cartoon' it's semi-autobiographical, but mostly funny. A lot of the humour should appeal to designers. If you're interested you can see an archive of my comics here: Browsing the Category My Life as a Cartoon

As well as taking on a range of print design work I run a t-shirt brand in partnership with a screen printer friend of mine. It's a Hot Rod clothing brand called Piston Apparel, you can view our online store here: Piston – Original Hotrod Clothing

Any feedback on my sites or comics is always appreciated.

I look forward to diving into the forums and meeting you all properly.
The comic has become a lot more popular than I originally envisaged. I made it as blog content to begin with. Now its the main reason I get return traffic to my site.