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Hi all


New Member

My name is Simon and I work for a small graphic design company called N-FUZE Design based in Rochester, Kent.
We specialise in Point of Sale and print artwork but also create 3D renders and presentations.
I create a lot of the 3D models and renders inside Cinema 4D and also produce out video content.

Hopefully I can get around to posting some of my freelance work to get your opinion on.

In the mean time please check our website out Graphic Design | Point of Sale Specialists | South East | Kent | N-FUZE Design . I haven't finish populating this with content yet but this will be completed soon.



Staff member
Hay Si.

Welcome to DF.

Had a quick look at your site and your work looks great.

Just a slight niggle (not in any way a design issue).
In your logo, the combination of letters in the "NF" kinda remind me of the NF (National Front) that used to be sprayed on walls back in the day.

Maybe it's just me showing my age or something?

Sorry to say hi with a negative. It just kinda struck me that way.