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Hi all

Hello All,

My name is henry valentino, i am new here. I have check about more than 20 web design & graphic forum and think this forum is the best one so i decide to join.
I am freelance web designer from Jakarta - Indonesia who work from my home. I hope i can share and learn something here from experts.



Senior Member
Welcome to the forum :)
Really like your portfolio! Only thing I'd change (and it's not a change but an addition) is a form to contact you through.

What's a purple cow?
(Am sure I will regret asking this)
@chrismitchell: thanks for your welcome

@Renniks: Thanks.. can you give me a suggest what about the contact form? purple cow is something like creative.. i am sure with this, my friend give me that idea. hahaha. i like you blog. lorem ipsum will kill you? btw some of my artwork still use the lorem ipsum text U_U

Where's "Quote" button in this forum guys? i cant find it.


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Adding a contact form just so that you don't have to leave the site to get in contact just adds for a better experience.

It isn't my blog :) was just something I agree with, that content is the most important thing, so why fill a design with made up content right from the start.

Its the middle button underneath each post... looks like an apostrophe (or similar)