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Hi all


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Hi all

I am a freelance web guy doing all manner of things from design and code to large scale IA and strategic work. Frankly my visual skills are fairly middling but a lot of my clients want an end to end solution, so I design and code out of necessity not love.

I've been in the game for 12 years and have done all manner of things from hand-coding sites in the late 90s, freelance designing lecturing in web design to ecommerce site manager (iwantoneofthose.com) public sector web manager and even a consultant (the worst 12 weeks of my life, never again). Currently I work mostly for public sector organisations and charities, work at a fairly basic rate and get enough work to get by.

These days I am much more interested in how people get the sites they want (strategy) and I seem to be very good at large scale IA projects involving largish sites and do everything needed at this end of the process (wireframing, user journeys, user testing).

In my book it's all design...



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Welcome to DF Allen,

Sounds like you've had a lot of experience in quite a few areas of design, I'm sure your experienced views will be a great help to DF. Look forward to hearing more from you.