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Hi all

Hi there all,

Although I have posted already thought I would pop here to introduce myself. I am Mark from Newcastle and currently in the process of launching an online personalised gifts business.

The reason I am on here is mainly we are looking for design services.

Can i just say what an absolutely fantasticly designed forum, so clear. One of the best forum designs I have seen around and I have seen many. :up:

Hope to catch up with a few of you around here,


tim-ater said:
Welcome to the forum!

Good to have you here.

Thanks Tim, I hope I can find what I am looking for. How long has this forum been around, can't remember seeing this site unless the design has just recently been changed?



Active Member
Welcome to DF Mark,
If your looking from Newcastle and looking for design services, why haven't you contacted me! - the Geordie Godfather.
'This is an outrage!' as Tony Harrison would say. ( any excuse to Boosh!)