Hi all

Hi All,

I work for a site called GetIt, getitlondon.co.uk Currently we are in a state where we are still finishing off the site, and will start promoting the site soon. Although before we promote the site, we need to have some quality freelancers signed up to our site.

We will personally keep you informed of projects as they come on to the site. BTW, it cost you nothing to sign up, it’s not a auction site, we just want to get the best freelancers to the best projects.

To sign up, just go to the site, sign up as a job seeker , then first time you log on, go to Activate Freelance Function. That is it!

Any suggestions or want to be informed about changes to the site, email me at noldreive _ at _ getitlondon.co.uk



Welcome to the Forum Nathaniel, I hope that you enjoy your stay here at Design Forum :)
Hi welcome to the site.
Will be interesting to see how this new site develops.
Could be ultimately useful, could end up like all the others.

Lets hope it works. Will be signing up soon.


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captainrage said:
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Hi All,

MY name is scott, I also work on the getitlondon.co.uk site, currently we are looking for a designer to assist us in the development of the site, so if anyone is interested could you send me your details and portfolio