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Hi all

Howdy all,

I'm Karl, I work at a small creative, design and marketing agency in London called Lavish. We work across all kinds of media and often get involved in some weird projects...

I thought I'd join up to bounce some ideas around, and get to know a few people online who we may be able to use in the future. Plus it seems like a pretty pleasant place, hopefully not too many trolls. If i wanted that I could just stay on YoUtube.

Hopefully be speaking to you.



Hi Karl, welcome to the forum, we have cakes, muffins and home made preserves available in the foyer :)


love the way you had to mention to Tim to look up that old tale of Billy Goats Gruff LOL


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tim-ater said:
I know what Billy Goats Gruff is! What're you on!?!?

How can YOU know about the Billy Goats if you don't know about Chuck Berry!!!!!

.....Unless it's part of your GCSE's!!!!:D


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Hahaaa no!

GCSEs are difficult, ya know! Not easy peasy lemon squeeezeh!

And I don't know about Chuck Berry because I'm cooler than you! :O (yeah, no way I'm getting any experience at armadillo now!!)


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Hi Karl,

Welcome to Design Forums, I can see your troll comment has taken this thread spinning off-topic :D
Good to see you getting involved around the forums already, it sounds like you have a great deal of experience (found the bio on your site) so I'm looking forward to your contributions around the place.