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Hi all, new to the forum and seeking a designer!

Hi everyone,

I hope this is ok to post here- do let me know if not.

My partner and I are setting up a business specialising in fashionable but relatively classic handbags and accessories. We have a clear idea of the themes we want to produce but we lack design skills, which is where we hope someone here might be able to help!

The business is in it's very early planning phase so I am seeking a designer or a design student who would be able to do a few bits and bobs like a logo and one or two initial handbag and accessory designs, initially unpaid, though it is possible a bag or accessory will be offered as a token of our thanks :) but there is definite potential to take on paid commissions or be taken on as a staff member when things take off as projected - this could possibly be a good investment of your time.

We would be happy for this initial project to take the form of coursework (with intellectual property rights applied) or to use in a portfolio (ditto).

Thanks all for reading, hope to hear from you soon!


Paul Murray

Staff member
Hi Alexandra, please read our sticky post regarding requests for free work.

Whilst I understand your business is in the early stages, designers (even students) still deserve to be compensated for their time and knowledge. Working speculatively with the 'possibility' of future work isn't how a professional designer works, and as such without a considered budget set aside for professional design work, any offers you do get are likely to be sub-par and potentially harmful to your business and it's image.

Please reconsider your request and post a budget for the work, or I'm afraid it will be removed.