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Hi all - budding photographer, graphic designer :)

Hello everyone

the names Brendan. I've been photoshopping for about five years, though i'm slowly realising that really only two of those years was actually productive in regards to 'learning' the program'. I'm a Media & Philosophy student (dual honors) at uni, and I take on too much as a habit, example being I recently found
InDesign Tutorial: Learn InDesign CS3
This^ and frankly, me and my girlfriend have kinda prided ourselves on having 'one up' on our Student's Union's imagery- but suddenly they've gotten better, and i've worked out its because they've had training in Quark Xpress - so as a rival im gonna train in Indesign (i'm sure you know, but for those who don't its the rival program that Adobe created as a response to Quark trying to buy out Adobe back in the late 90's) .

I talk alot as well.

Anyway, i'm 24 - and Im planning a future in this career so im trying rapidly to build some form of a portfolio. I use a Canon EOS 500D and you can find some of my photos at theorganisedmessUK on deviantART from South Korea and Antigua.

Burn after reading :)


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Welcome to Design Forums Brendan
Hope you find DF to be a useful resource :)

br3n said:
Hello Brendan, You officially have a cool name!
Really?! But he hasn't put a number in his name?! :cool: