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Heyyy everyone!


Junior Member
Hi people!

Just signed up to this forum looks quite helpful & looks a lot like the forum for shell livewire....
Anyways a bit about myself..

I am 17 years old studying at College doing a BTEC in e-IT. I'm in my 2nd year and i've got graphic design as one of my units, however, i am interested in graphic design but funnily enough it's not the route that I want to go in. However, I have started 2 online businesses since July 2009, and my recent one is to do with graphic design which is making business cards, mousemats, drink coasters etc

That's all enough about me don't want to bore you out but hope you people can help me out with any of my questions :)

By the way here's one..lol I'm applying for university at the moment and i'm stuck in trying to decide if I want to be a IT Consultant or a graphic designer so if there's anyone out there that would like to share their job roles with me and possibly there salary just so I know what step to take. If you don't want to share your salary with everyone here then you PM me if you like, but I just want to know haw far I could with becomjng a graphic designer and what are the job roles?

Thank you and Merry Christmas people :) I know i'm early but doesn't do any harm does it :D


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heya Zpatel, welcome! I think you will enjoy it here, I have found everyone to be very helpful, and also very funny but in a good way. It seems like a very friendly community here.

Very impressive, only 17 and already has online business experience.:up: I'm also planning to return to school in 2010 over there in England, but either for Graphic design or Business, leaning towards business to start though.

As to your decision about being a Graphic Designer or IT Consultant. I will share with you a great bit of advice a good friend told me.

In a nutsheel, he said choose something you think you'd enjoy doing 40+ hours a week. Now ask yourself if you can make yourself and that something marketable so someone will be willing to pay you to do it for 40+ hours a week.

Also you have to weigh your options. Motivation plays a huge part in how much you're willing to do to get the work you really will enjoy. Picking the one that you would enjoy more would,I presume, make it easier to find that motivation. Hope this helps.


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Thank you Rhona that's some good advice :) I enjoy both to be honest lol i'm kinda always working type of guy buy it is a hard decision though because they are both exciting and practical but thanks for the advice thought i'll keep that in mind :) and others who have replied too thank you :)