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Hi everyone! I'm a year 12 student at the moment and just finished doing AS art and photography =) but i've become really interested in graphic design in the last year and now would love to do it at uni. The only thing is that i've never done graphics before =p so this summer I'm hoping to learn at least the basics of graphics and of some of the software and do some of my own projects and everything =D and i'm trying to completely 'immerse' myself xD in design so came across this forum and read some of the threads and thought 'I'm joining' xD so i'm looking forward to talking to everyone on here and posting =)


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Hi Kai,

Welcome to DF, did you get the opportunity to do any design work in the art course? Maybe worth buying a few design books to immerse yourself in design over the Summer, you want to be sure with your choice after all! Hope you enjoy the forums.

Welcome :)

As Greg wisely said, immersing yourself in design and design theory would be a good way to be sure of yourself, as well as learning something.

Berry gave a great list of books here: http://www.designforums.co.uk/graphic-design-design-print/2827-colours-theory.html#post32597

Plus there's innumerable websites, such as The Grid System, the tuts family, and a wealth of information and interaction with designers on twitter. As well as getting involved here, putting up work, getting critiques, seeing what others do and why,

Best of luck and welcome again :)
Thanks everyone!

Greg - I did try and get some design into my work but my art teacher knows i'm really enthusiastic about graphics and so didn't want me to keep trying to make everything relate to it haha xD but the design work I did do was mainly infographics (think thats what it would be classed as) =) And thanks for the suggestion, lol I raided the design section of the library last week xD

Becky - Oh wow, thanks a lot for the links =D The Grid System looks really good


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You could twist it around and do a really detailed oil painting for art, but of a section of a web layout.