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Heyy =]

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum:' started by CupcakeCreative, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. CupcakeCreative

    CupcakeCreative New Member

    Hello all,

    I'm Michelle, i'm 23 and a graphic designer from Bath, Somerset

    I have been working as head of the design department for a property developer for 4 years now and i also own my own clothing line that i designed Pirate Kisses Clothing - Home

    I love to design especially websites which is something i am starting to get into more now, i love to do individual projects outside of work, i like the variety it brings!

    but my all time favourite thing to do is stationery, for weddings etc... that's definitely where my passion lies! give me something girly and swirly to design and i'm happy! ha ha =]

    Just thought i'd say hi anyway!

    design portfolio - Home
  2. Pete

    Pete Member

    That's a nice bold style your work has Michelle. Really stands out, I like it.

  3. andyd8

    andyd8 Member

    I really like some of your clothes! Funky stuff. You design the site?
  4. Pixels Ink

    Pixels Ink Member

    Nice folio of work there Michelle :icon_thumbup:

    Just one thing, in your portfolio you've put Stationary, its actually Stationery.
  5. CupcakeCreative

    CupcakeCreative New Member

    ha ha oops! my spelling is awful!! :icon_blushing:

    I'll change that later, thanks for the comments though everyone!
    I love bright colours and bold designs!
    yes i did design the site myself, so please dont find anything wrong with it! :icon_biggrin:
    Been doing print design for quite a few yrs but i'm quite new to web design, only been learning it for a year or so, with the help of my web designer fiance... done a few sites i'm quite proud of though.. hoping to get some more in the portfolio in the near future too


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