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Staff member
Hey Tom,

Welcome to GDF.
There's been a bit of chat about Affinity recently so I for one would be interested to hear your thoughts on how it compares to Ai.

BTW. I have this trick where it looks like I'm pulling the end of my thumb off.
I could teach you the secret but you must promise to keep it to yourself.

Haha, thats a fantastic trick. I do solemnly swear to keep the secret to myself..

Affinity for me has replaced Ai. I no longer open up illustrator (or photoshop), only because I don't feel the need too,
for me AD has all the tools required that I need, wrapped inside a beautiful interface..

You should definitely give it a go one day, I'd highly recommend :)


Staff member

I'm deffo going to give it a go when I upgrade my old MacBook as it's too old to run it.
One or two on here have tried it but I've not come across anyone that actually uses it regularly.
The reviews I've seen looked a little bit 'sponsored'.
It kind of looked too good to be true to me but maybe not?

Looks like it'd suit me down to the ground.
Have you had any issues when it comes to share files with people that don't have it or anything like that?
Honestly, I first picked AD up when it first hit the App Store back in Oct'14 (?),
I have been a little lazy on the design side, but when I do design, its always on Affinity for me.

I'd personally rate Affinity Designer well above Illustrator now, when you do give it a go,
let me know your thoughts, happy to help you around the program should you need any tips :)


Staff member
Thanks for that Tom. I may just take you up on that. :D

It looks better than Ai and I don't really like Ai or Adobe that much but it's a necessary evil.
Only thing that bothers me is compatibility as Ai is industry standard.

For the cost I'm giving it a go though.
Costs around the same as a months sub's to Adobe cloud.