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Junior Member

I'm sure I got an email from Greg about this site about 8 months ago! Since I'm in a bit of a time warp with the arrival of my baby girl I think I must have forgotten about it.

My name's Murray, I've been running a very small design business here in Devon for the last 4 years or so. Just as it seemed things were getting busier, the recession hit, we had a baby and the mortgage had to be paid, so I had to seek full time employment.

I design weekends and evenings at the moment and it seems that most of my clients are after a cost effective website, which I happily supply.

My own website is desperately in need of an update but I've put a placeholder up for a while www.soulplanet.org

I've been pretty busy this year with 4 new websites I'm now hosting. I'm certainly no expert, but pick things up and try and make them original and creative. I am currently working on getting www.sourceenergy.co.uk up and running properly. Just waiting for some more info from the client.

I have an opinion on most things, so happy to offer feedback and ask for some aswell.

Look forward to chatting soon.

Hi Murray,

Welcome to DF. That's a shame about your company. :sad:

Good to hear you're still designing. What are you doing full-time now then?

Hope you'll enjoy the forums!