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Hey there


Junior Member

I'm a 21 year old currently studying Advertising at university. I'm in my second year. I've already completed two years studying computing and web development, but I never felt it was for me, so I switched over to Advertising, jumping in at second year.

I've always been interest in graphic design, ever since starting out Paint Shop Pro 7, when I was about 11, and then moving over to The Gimp around 2005. A year or so later I moved on to Photoshop and got really into it. I haven't done as much on it the past year or so, just bits, but since changing degree it's rekindled my passion for graphics, and I feel it's something I'd really like to do in the future. I'm still not very familiar with InDesign and Illustrator, but am working on it.

Since am on Advertising, I do a lot of poster work, so I've thrown together a portfolio of some posters and logo's I've made. Let me know what you think and whether graphic design is something I should really consider. I haven't got much in there yet, as I'm only really starting out, and getting back into the whole digital art scene.

Various posters and logos : Stuff

A lot of the work is coursework, minus the EHCU logo thing, which I did for a student union. I could probably have made them a lot better, but I pretty much did them all the night before they were due, lol. Typical student, but now am starting to take it more seriously, that won't be happening on future pieces of work.