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Hey there.


Junior Member
I'm new to the online world of design and started out using my Twitter to find people that were worth following, ones that had things I'd like to check out, it soon spread to creating a portfolio website design, and finally looking for an online community to be part of.

I don't have my website up and running yet, as it's still just a humble .psd file, but some day when I learn to code, or get someone to code it for me I shall link it all over the place.

Just to save myself wasting a new thread in response to the question of where I found this website, it was a simple thought in my head that "DesignForums" must be a name of a design forum, so I googled that, and found this. Looked nice - joined :)

I hope I can make some worthwhile friends and hope to learn much from you guys!


Senior Member
heya and welcome aboard.

Isn't it funny what you can find with Google, I think the better question would be what can't you find with it? I'll see you around the boards.:)


Active Member
Welcome to DF MrJoeyP!
Good to hear our simple name (and SEO efforts) did the trick in helping you find us :D

Look forward to seeing your work when you get a portfolio online.
Cheers, Greg