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Hey There...


Senior Member
How is everyone?

I’m Rob, a graphic designer from Cardiff.

I Stumbled across this site a few days ago and found myself checking back whenever I had chance so figured I might as well join in. You all seem like a nice friendly bunch and I’m sure this will be good / useful place to hang out.

Anyway, here I am and I look forward to chatting with you all in the future.


Senior Member
Thanks for the welcome all...

Tom - That's strange, seems to be working fine for me. I'll look into it now, what browser are you using? Thanks for the heads up :)


Senior Member
Thanks Ross, glad you like it.

Tom/Chris - I see what you mean... I've opened it in Safari, Firefox and IE.8 and it's fine.

Opened it in an older version of IE and I got the problem you described.

Hopefully I'll be able to sort soon and you can both have a ganders.


Senior Member
Thanks Mike!

Quick update for anyone having trouble with my site. Should be ok now, temp server issue I think.

Let me know if you have anymore trouble.