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Hey there DF


Active Member
Hey KiimSta/Kimmy,

Welcome to Design Forums, thanks for joining, from a quick look on the site in your signature, it looks like you're more of an illustrator? Tell us a bit about yourself, are you a freelancer? How did you end up in the world of design?



Junior Member
Hey Greg,

yeah i tend to do illustration more, but i'm learning alot about graphhic designs from a college course i'm in at the minute

i am just starting up as a freelancer, so i'm kinda new to it all, but i've done 2 successful projects and the clients seemed happy with them

hopefully this forum will help me find my way in the design world :p

abit about myself? hmm, not much to tell :p i'm still a kid but i have a passion for drawing and i love my photoshop cs2!!

thanks for the invite!