Hey People :)



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Hi there :)

I'm Misa Misa and this forum was recommended by a friend of mine. :D

I kinda walked it trough, and I'm very satisfied with what I see... I think this place would be a great hang-out place for me, and a super way to meet new interesting people.

Anyway, I do designing [ ( logos / headers ) so if you have some work for me just leave a PM ;) ], and I work as at a cosmetic center.

I really look forward to being a member here, and watch out, 'cause I'm planning to be really active. ^^

So, nice to be here...


.Wow ..another anime fan huh? XD pleased tro meet ya Misa-Misa.....it's good to know that there are people out there who also understand that this forum is the Good Life XD.