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Hey ooo


Junior Member
Hey all!

Thought I would pop up a quick intro post to say Hello.

My name is Gav and I'm a freelance graphic designer / web designer / coder & illustrator, I fall under the artist name 'holeycoww'. I like to dabble with photoshop n illustrator creating shiny and colourful things that look pretty! As well as this I work as a marketing manager for a local company to myself but would like to think im gonna be working for myself very soon!

Was pointed here by the css guru one calls Harry Roberts (csswizardry) i thought i would join as it looks like a very welcoming and informative community.

Looking forward to doing more posts!!

Much love 'yo! :up:


btw : if anyone is on twitter - hook me up!! www.twitter.com/holeycoww


Active Member
Hi Gav,

Welcome to Design Forums, good to hear Harry pointed you in this direction :up:

I hope you find the forums useful & I look forward to seeing some of your work & posts in the future :cool: