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hey ho.....

Hey peeps...

Just thought I'd say hi. Currently have one month left of my college degree in GF and stressed out bigtime..so I hope you wont mind the odd panicky thread :)

This place seems more..friendly, is all I can regarding other GF forums I'm apart of.

Stationery Direct

Staff member
Hey Sam

A warm welcome to the Graphic Design Forums.

I agree that some of the other design forums seem to be VERY clique and some of the users are quite harsh in their views in my opinion, we're a friendly bunch so you have nothing to worry about here :icon_smile:
Thats a relief, it gets to the stage where by you feel like you dont want to post your work up as they'll hate it no matter how good it is!

although I am wondering why one of my posts disppeared earlier...posted it in the wrong section maybe? :(
Ohhh I know BOSS, I wont mention the other GF forum Im a member of, but they often dont care how rude they come across...I'm well used to it by now.

The post I was referring to was posted in the logo forum, about what people thought a logo should be represented by, actual imagery of the product or just symbolic imagery of the logo, but now it seems to have disappeared?..

I didnt leave the page when I posted it..I came back to the page an hit refresh, with a message saying this post does not exist...something of that effect... :icon_confused:
Hi Sam, welcome along.

I know what you mean about other design forums, people seem to be too quick to critisize but when it comes to their own work, they don't seem to have anything to show. I figured that they just talk themselves up to seem like pro's.

Boss, every now and again I'll follow a tweet back here and I'm met with an error page. This is the tweet that links to the thread Sam's referring to:

Logo solutions, literal or symbolic meanings?: I've always wondered this, and I dont think there is a proper ans.. http://tinyurl.com/ccro35
ahhh, thanks Pete!

Yea, I remember definantly posting it..

I thought It would make a good discussion as it would help me with my current project.

Its so funny you mention that Pete as there was one individual who I wasnt too fond of, he thought he was the dogs ****** , and then I saw his website...I left with a satisfied smile on my face :icon_biggrin:

Stationery Direct

Staff member
Hey Pete

The reason that is (most the time) is because the user has posted in the wrong section, Twitterfeed picks up on the initial post URL and when we have moved it nothing is left.

I will from now on leave a permanent re-direct to moved threads which will sort this.

With regards to Sam's post I'm not sure what to say, fancy typing it all out again? :icon_biggrin: