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hey guys


Senior Member
First, I think it should be in On-topic chat, but there isn't a section named that! A lot of people were horrified by me yesterday, so...

Apologies for yesterday night's thread involving Will. Let's just say, I was having a bad day, and a few things I wanted to talk to him about inflated and I went way over the top.

I'm now working with Will to help him out as an act of good will, and am pretty annoyed at myself for even opening my mouth yesterday.

Hope you're all doing good, and don't think I'm that much of a w*nker.
I'm always pretty horrified by you Tim :p. No that's cool of you to do that. Hopefully you'll both benefit from the experience. Good luck with the new site Timwill. :)


Active Member
Ha, just read the thread... Handbags at 10 paces! Should have stayed in and watched the bun fight!

Tim, you cant be a w*anker...... you're only 15 and your balls most probably haven't dropped yet. Roll on puberty!:p

Guess that will come with the porno site you're doing!:lol:


Senior Member
I guess I had my fair share in that matter, all though maybe not as obvious. So apologies to anyone who had noticed me and was annoyed by that.

Maybe it's our age, Tim :p