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Hey forum! :)

Hey guys and gals!

Ben here. :icon_smile:

I guess this is the perfect time to tell you a little about myself. I've just turned 18, and am heading BACK to 6th form college (yes, BACK :icon_hide: ) to study Art & Design. This will consist of Fine Art (the compulsory bit), and Graphic Design and Photography, which where the bits I got to choose.
I recently decided on a career change, and when I say recently, I really mean 6-8 months ago. I finished my second year at college, and enrolled back at a new one. In regards to art and design itself, I have ZILCH experience in fine art; that means little drawing or painting skill.

However, I am semi-okay at graphic design and photography. I love doing both, and I possess both Creative Suite 5.5 (flashy!) and also a Nikon DSLR camera (D80 for anyone whose wondering).

As for current employment, I'm working on becoming an online freelance content writer; Basically, I'll be writing for people's blogs, websites, e-books, reports, ANYTHING they need written essentially.

I come from the East Midlands, Leicester, and my plan is to finish this art and design course, then do the art foundation, and go from there.

The reason I decided to join this forum is because I want to learn every single day, so that I can develop into the best Graphic Designer that I can be. Learning from people who have been doing it for years, is a great way to do so.
Now, I already have TONS of bookmarks to tutorials etc, and have a Graphic Design guide by a site named PSDTuts, which looks promising, which I'll be checking out soon.

So anyway, there's a little about me, and basically hello everyone! :icon_biggrin:

Can't wait to really get into all this. :)