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Hey folks

Hey folks! I'm David.

Graphic/web designer from somewhere near Manchester. I graduated in Graphic Design at Cumbria University (Carlisle, anyone?). Currently working in London as a senior web designer at Base Creative. I actively blog, bookmark and tweet about design stuff.

I'm ashamed to say I signed up months ago and have only just returned. Don't shoot me I'm a busy guy! Great to see design forums growing strong.


Active Member
Welcome to Design Forums David.
The important thing is you returned :D

Some great work in your folio, I feel like I've seen it before (perhaps I noticed your link when you signed up before) particularly like the Origami Unfolded and Digital Legibility projects.

Hope you enjoy DF
Thanks, Greg
Hey guys thanks for the warm welcome!

@printedeasy don't worry about sending flyers, I don't know if my boss would agree, but I love getting printer mail. But only when it has 5 print finishes including foil embossing!