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Hey all!


I'm Laura, I'm from a reallllly boring place called Rugby! But I'm not a dull person by any means!

I'm a 2nd year graphic design student at Coventry University, and loving every minute of it! Its hard work, probably more so because I'm a single parent to lovely children, but I have a good supply of redbull here so it's all good really :)

Looking forward to getting to know you all!

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Hey Laura.

Welcome to the forums, hope you stick around!

I was near Rugby on Saturday, or at least I saw a sign for it in Leicester.

Catch you around.
if you see a sign for Rugby, drive past it :p he he

Its not too bad here really, but I'm in love with mountainous snowy places so Rugby doesn't have the same appeal as used to!

thanks for the welcome :)
Welcome Laura

New here myself - everyone is really friendly and helpful from what i've seen so far so your chose a good forum :)