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Hey all!

Hi all, I have just joined so I thought I would quickly introduce myself!

I'm Rhian Tarling, a freelance graphic and Web designer based in Yorkshire.

Any more Yorkshire folk about?


Staff member
Hey Rhian,
Welcome to GDF. :D

I'm originally from Sheffield although I now live over the border near Chesterfield.
(They call "breadcakes" cobs or rolls here) :(
Hi all!

Simon - yeah, I live in Pontefract but in Leeds a lot! Sounds like we are pretty close by :)
Scotty - I went to Sheff uni and know a few people from Chesterfield. Cobs?! Seriously! Get back to Sheff ;)


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Welcome to the forums Rhian! I saw your name and thought it rang a bell, checked my Twitter and I see we have been following each other for quite a long time; on Twitter that is... :D