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Hexagon-shape trend

Hi to all!
I’m keen on different web-design trends, but I’m a newbie in making sites. So tell please your opinion. Would it be difficult for beginner to make something like in this article?
Hey Dafni - I think that it would be quite easy to do something like that within a design software (ps/id/ai) although I am not too sure how complex it would be with web and responsiveness. Sometimes, objects that are not straight lined (ie: circles / photos etc) can be tricky to use, but i'm not the expert in web, maybe someone else will be more helpful!

Also, it depends on your skills ;)
Hi there,

I don't know how much of a newbie you are, but I'd suggest those sites are quite fiddly to make. I imagine they use either Flash (which should ring alarm bells - not everyone has Flash, especially mobile users) or HTML5 which might be too much too soon for you if you really are a newbie.

They may look kind of cool but in my personal opinion they're awkward to use. I think you could make something much more effective, much easier. Like I say, just my personal opinion... I've been known to be wrong! ;-)


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First off welcome to the forum Dafni and unfortunately I need to put my moderator cap on now.....

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