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Here's a question for DF women.


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According to the latest Mens health mag,
Two thirds of female chat forum users meet up with the other users and 89% meet up for sex.

Now whoz meeting up with who as statistically it's got to be high on here, no?

Jaz :)


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Maybe we should cahnge the Avatar theme to Sex and Porn etc. That'll shock any Newbies on the Forum who wander in!

..it'll also save Tim downloading all night.....


I'm sure that Timbo would be able to supply everyone with an appropriate image :lol:


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I'm happy I just havn't arranged to meet Jazajay in a pub. he would have spent the whole night discussing code and curdled my peanuts!


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God! could you imagine being in a pub with Jaz on one side talking code gibberish, and Tim on the other being National Ambassador for Apple Inc.

thye evening would end with Jaza and Harry having a Code Off in the pub carpark!