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Here if you need good photography


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Hi Allen,

Welcome to Design Forums, we haven't had any photographers joining for a while then all of a sudden we have two in a row :)

I've edited your post to remove the at symbol from your e-mail as spambots will pick up on that, since editing the post I noticed the e-mail doesn't have a TLD extension at the end of the name such as .co.uk/.com?

Love the Popeye Village in Malta photo on your site, are you based in Malta and travel frequently for your projects?

Thanks Guys! Greg yes Iam based in Malta but travel frequently to Europe on commissions - we are only 2 1/2 - 3hrs away from the UK.

All the best



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Hi Allen, welcome to the forums, good intro on your flash site, incrediabley cheesy but I like it! - on the rest of the site though its a good job I'm not Epileptic! (its a bit hectic for me).

Very nice work though!