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Helvetica in the UK

I have been searching for some applications of Helvetica in the UK.

I wonder if London's Underground is in? If not, anyone has any idea what could be an example?

Dave L

Well-Known Member
Not wanting to state the obvious or anything but you really should get to know what Helvetica looks like before trying to spot examples.

The London Underground type is a bespoke font called New Johnston.


Well-Known Member
Got to agree with Dave here. I presume you're in at college or university? If so, it's at this stage you should start learning fonts/typefaces. You'll need this knowledge forever.

Whenever you give presentations on anything you've designed, always state the fonts and typefaces used. It'll help big time. Obviously you choose fonts for particular reasons, so it only makes sense to tell people what you've used and why.

On a side note, here's a great movie about the Helvetica font, take a look.

Helvetica (2007) - WatchDocumentaries.net - Stagevu: Your View

Tony Hardy

Well-Known Member
Fire safety signs use it a lot.

If you do a Google search for 'companies that use Helvetica' or 'Helvetica logos' you're sure to come up with at least a million results.
You could walk down any high street and see hundreds of uses of Helvetica - print out some examples of different weights of Helvetica and see if you can spot 10 in 10 mins