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I need help. I am longing to be a creative that actually gets paid for it! Right now I feel like I don't know what direction to turn. I have an art degree ( painting), I went back to study again 6 years later after working abroad and studied Technical and Production Arts (Set & Costume Design). I chose this as I thought it could make me more employable in a number of fields.

I have worked as a Scenic artist throughout my studies and after graduation but the contracts have dried up. I am now looking down lots of different avenues. I would love to work on Music videos, be involved in the styling, have also been thinking about art work for fashion and more of an artworker role. However no direct experience in fashion except for a strong interest myself. I have strong costume drawings and designs and experience of further learning of costume construction & design from the California Institute of the Arts.

I would say I am highly creative, advanced drawer, I know photoshop, i movie, good in Photography....

Most jobs I see mention Indesign and Illustrator of which I have no experience.

I want to find a job where I have some prospects and realise I need to look at more commercial design in order to find this. As a set & costume designer you have to collaborate, communicate, manage and present to large groups. There is so much involved!

I know I have experience that demonstrates I am highly creative, motivated, reliable, adaptable. I have continued to put myself in difficult and different situations continuing to learn and evolve.

But at the moment I just feel like I've my eyes blindfolded with my arms outstretched trying to reach the impossible.

I know I need to work on my CV I've attached a copy for your thoughts.

I would well come any help or advice in my quest for a creative job....Thanks


You sound like a prospective art director in a typical agency. In my experience those have the vision but not the technical skills. It also sounds like you need to identify exactly what role you want, then hunt down that job.

What city are you based in now?
Thank you for your response I have not got accustomed to this yet so sorry for my late response. I'm Glasgow based but have come to the conclusion that I will have to leave Scotland and go south in search of more creative work.

I have thought about Art directing and have contacted a few about work but as yet no responses. I have also seen a fashion competition on here that I will enter for some work to add to my portfolio. I have also found Talent house that has some interesting competitions to enter that would be related to Art Direction - and yes I think your right I believe I have the vision but lacking in the technical know how. Which doesn't add to my confidence.

I'm just going to keep trying and applying for things and entering these competitions I've seen + working on my website and cv. Hopefully something interesting will come my way.
The design scene in Glasgow is really vibrant, and small. After a year of being self employed and networking I pretty much know all the names, both independents and agency based.

Maybe give it a bit more time to crack the circles; Every single designer I've met so far has been helpful and friendly. The agencies are usually quite open too, so don't be afraid to go knocking on doors.

Wish you all the best!