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Help you to get more business

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Hi all,

I hope it is ok to post this here.

We have been working with a few local designers who have found that they have managed to show what they can do with their creative skills by designing their own leaflets.

To help all of you designers get your name out there and to show your skills to potential clients we are going to offer our A5 leaflets to DF members for just £70

If you need any info let me know



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I think it's 5 flyers Tim on a bit of old onion skin....

Comon Mr Print Broker surely this is info you should know you need to tell people in the first place! - not filled with confidence so far!
Good morning,

I didn't want to put full details in the original post, as I didn't want it to appear too much like an advert. The full details are below

5,000 A5 Leaflets
130gsm glossy
Full Colour
Double Sided
Litho Printed in the UK
Delivered to your door via parcelforce ( or direct to client ) in unmarked packaging
Turn round time 3/5 working days
£70 for DF users

Printed from a flattened image such as a PDF or JPG, please ensure image is 300dpi in CMYK colour mode with a 3mm bleed.


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Hi Matt,

With reference to the posting guidelines for this section of the forum, advertising special offers is not permitted currently on DF. We have set this rule to prevent this section of the forums just becoming one big advertising board rather than a useful resource for designers using the site, I hope you can understand the thinking with that.

Will close the thread for now.
Thanks, Greg
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