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Help with research report

I’ am a third year graphic design student in Norwich, that is currently trying to write a research report on the existing gap between the design industry and academia.
I require a few minutes of your valuable time to answer the following questions and share your knowledge and experience.

Many thanks,

1- Does the school equip students with the skills needed to make the
transition to design in the real world?

2- How was your experience of going into the "real world”?

3- What is the role for the designers of today and tomorrow?

4-What can students do to be better prepared?

5- If you had a chance on influencing what is taught, what will you
include on the curriculum?

6- How can graduate students bridge the gap between what they
have learned at school with what is expected in the industry?

7- Why are the standards so way apart between the two practices?


I'll be honest with you. You are unlikely to get any replies to this as you've not introduced yourself to the forum or joined in with the forum as a whole.

You won't really get many if any responses to help with your research.