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Help with my first Offset Printing - Packaging Pudding


Junior Member
This is new territory for me, but with a little help from smashing magazine and tutorials here and there, I've drafted a final concept for my packaging design.

I've uploaded a picture showing the process I came up with my design. I don't have any real experience in this and I hope to get feedback. There will be 5 Plates in total (WHITE as base, CMY, and a SPOT color) The die cut is about 72 mm. And Ive spared some areas for offset errors using the knockout technique. Questions:
- Are they enough error prevention?
- Is my overall proposal most effective? or at least works?
- Will printing SPOT on top of the CMY produce a darker (or maybe saturated with ink) color?
- etcccetc

If you have any other feedback on the design itself as well, you're more than welcome :)