Help with making website

Hi guys I have few questions how make buttons on website ( home, service contact etc) in HTML not like hyperlink, but as nice buttons ?
Can someone help?
Plus how add face book page and twitter on web? for html pls
Thank you


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First off, buttons. Google it. There are mountains tutorials out there. Either using <button> tag, which I personally hate. Or CSS and images. <a href="#"><img src="insert your image link here"></a>

Twitter and facebook....soooo many different ways to do it depending on the look you want to go for. I suggesting googling it. As there are mountains of resources direct from Twitter and facebook.

Shopping basket? Oh my sweet lord! I wish I had a month to explain that one! Integrated shopping platforms on a site is not an easy thing to explain. Google ecommerce site plugins. Find out which one fits your needs and then come back.


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It's's now 12.20pm and most of us are likely starting or preparing for Christmas yet you expect a response in 30minutes....

Seriously go do some searching in google while you wait
I will appreciate any help. With the reaserch need spend alot of time and learn, so it will take time, plus i want have easy way of html, i do not want make it complicated. If someone have ready can you post ? I will try adapt to my web, is it works or not. thank you


I read your post numerous times and still can't work out what it is you're asking for badstudent. What is your native language, if you don't mind me asking?