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Help with logo design


I'm looking for some help with the following logo design:

- EXCEL must have the same font style (while the name itself will probably change, but that doesn't affect anything else)
- font for "shop" is undefined, so I'd be glad for any font advises here
- background must remain #3f5765, text color must be yellow, but can be in different shade
- logo will be used in similar web design: journal.digital-atelier.com/2/

Apart from mentioned, the biggest problem is that "e" character. I just can't find good font, design and dimensions for it. It just doesn't fit. Could you help me out with that? Thanks in advance!


Staff member
We don't do work for free on this site, if you would like to give a budget and timeframe I'm sure someone would be willing to work with you.


Staff member
krneki said:
I just hoped to get some ideas here, not actually complete logo design. But I guess that's not free as well?
well we do give free 'advice' but we need something to work from, ie an initial design and your initial post read more as a client brief. You had already identified the 'issues' that needed fixing and set out the 'colour codes' so other than us actually doing the design for you there wasn't much we could do. We can suggest a font for the letter e but it would honestly be quicker for you to just go and look at a font repository and pick the one you like best.

Sean Lee-Amies

For starters you need to get rid of that background. It's never going to work because of the tail of the p making it look badly aligned. Personally I would look to moving e shop down beneath the EXCEL. I'm not overly keen on the phrase "Excel E Shop" it just sounds odd. E Shop also needs to have less visual prominence, in terms of colour/brightness, than Excel.
I would also take a look at the tracking and line height of Excel, the c and the l are of different heights to the other characters and it looks off. Good luck with this project, with all those constraints I don't see anything inspirational coming from this project! But that is your challenge, to prove us all wrong ;)